Friday, May 13, 2011

Dog Eat Dog

By the way, wanted to thank all of you who voted for Ted's/my Flash Fiction story "The Third Bear's Revenge" in Cherie Reich's contest. The Lair came in second out of the six finalists! Whoo hoo! So thanks for the votes, and thanks to Cherie for the contest. That was a lot of fun.

Also, you only have a little time left to show off how funny you can be in this week's "You Write the Caption" contest. I think this picture might have proven a tad too challenging for some. Hmmm... I'll announce the winning caption in Monday's "Ask Uncle Kerouac."

And don't miss our next episode on "Wildcat Wednesday!"


Sonia said...

congraltions on winning second place! I won third! lol

Beth said...