Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Cat Nap's Over

As promised, it’s time to explain just what this "Season 2.0" business for the "Wildcat’s Lair" is all about.

Long story short, I’ve come to realize I can’t simply maintain my comic all the time. Until such a glorious day as I can do this for money, I just can’t give it that much attention, but it’s not fair to leave the comic just hanging out there with no way for my blog’s readers to know when I’ll get off my arse and produce a comic strip. With that in mind, I’ve decided to make my comic strip run in a more formal manner. I’m taking a page from television and producing my comic strip in "seasons" which will be done in limited, monthly runs.

This Friday will offer the first of my comic strip’s more formal "seasonal" runs. The promise I make for "Season 2.0" is a comic strip posted every other day. That means you can expect at least fifteen episodes from the Wildcat’s Lair this June. If time permits or storylines demand it, I’ll do more than that and perhaps run a little longer than the expected season finale date of Friday, June 29th.

So, why "Season 2.0?" Well, calling it "Season 1.0" just wouldn’t really make sense. I’ve been posting Frank’s adventures quite a bit over the past two years, so I’m kind of lumping all of that together as an informal "Season 1.0."

I’ll take off July, using the time to prepare some of August’s comics in advance. That of course means that August will serve as "Season 3.0" for Frank’s fans. For now, keep this Friday, June 1 marked on your calendar. Frank and all of his friends (me included) are back for our brand of mischief and mayhem… and we’re giving the comic a third home with its first run on MySpace.

In other words… the cat nap’s over.

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