Thursday, December 04, 2008

Just a Quick Heads Up

Hi, all. I've been getting pretty regular about posting my entries at 6:15am eastern, but Friday's episode will most likely be much later, possibly even pushing 11:00pm. Your's truly is in a training class this week, and that's eating into my prep time, because I actually have homework. The nerve of these instructors to actually make me learn something! hehe

Hopefully, I'll manage to finish my assignment for work earlier than I expect, but I suspect the odds of that are not good.

Hugs and hiney scratches,


Paula said...

You must let them know we are waiting.....priorities man....gotta set priorities! Education or comedy for your fans? where's that easy button?

Karen said...'re human? there is a real person behind these clips? Where's Uncle K when I need him?