Monday, April 06, 2009

Bracket Battle 2009, Episode X

*See previous episode, "Bracket Battle, Episode VII"

Coming Up on Wildcat Wednesday: "Bracket Battle 2009, Epilogue"


Just Bill said...

Bill, thanks for the wonderful pistures and comment on the NCAA Championship.
I don't klnow how you did it but you have increased my excitement about the tourney.
As a Nova, graduate, 1953, and fan, I did not like your pick.
I will probably always live with the memory of 1985 Championship when Rollie his team played what was called the Perfect Basketball Game. I remember going to the campus that night with my son, also a grad, and celebrating until dawn. That was a fun time.
Thanks agaain for you blog and I hope you enjoy doing it as much as I enjoy reading it. Bill

Beth said...

You know how people always write "LOL," and while it sincerely expresses that the person found what was written amusing, it's understood that it may not be literally true?

I just LOL'd on this one. No, I didn't ROFL, but the last panel, with Uncle K. still chillin' on the couch and speaking of endless loss just sent me over the edge.

This has been a fun ride, and all will be revealed tonight. Good luck to all! (But a little extra luck to State!)


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hmmm, seems like you made a tactical mistake here :o)

Thanks for the laughs, hope you are around Wednesday to write the epilogue.