Thursday, July 02, 2009

Showing Off "Richmond Vice"

These days I try to avoid deviating from what my blog has become: a comic strip, but today, I decided I couldn't quite resist (and I'll get to that part of this entry in a moment). As I have started to do with my ongoing storylines, I've created some wallpaper for my "Richmond Vice" series. Part of the inspiration for this storyline comes from my wife. She was and remains a rabid fan of the eighties television cop drama "Miami Vice." Through the course of our marriage, which reached the baker's dozen anniversary this past March, she's done her part to educate me in the ways of her favorite show.

800 X 600                       1028 X 768                              1280 X 800

The skyline in the background is of my home city Richmond, a picture I took two nights ago. I spent a few hours driving around, finding places to take pictures, including where to fit my alley setting into Carytown.

Since some of these pictures might never find their way into the comic strip and involved me going to some not-so-safe places to take them, I've put some of these pictures into this entry. Just click on them to view the full size version, and I hope you enjoy the ongoing storyline.


KathArine said...

Dude, did you stop in the middle of the BRIDGE?

KathArine said...

Cool pics by the way ;)

Beth said...

Great pics--I've never been to Richmond, only in the general area when in D.C. and Arlington. Looks like a nice city!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the fountain picture :o)