Thursday, October 01, 2009

Let the Games Begin!

Today is an exciting day in the Wildcat's Lair. Why? It's the start of hockey season!

Just because we enjoy a reason for good conflict... I, Frank and eight of our friends are going to do a fantasy hockey league. You can see all ten of us pictured below.

So what does this mean for the comic strip? And how is the score being kept?

Well, I'm going to see if this might result in a little smack talk in the comic strip (once "Richmond Vice" is FINALLY over). On occasion, it might be the main focus of an episode, result in a few bonus episodes and sneak into other episodes as an ongoing storyline. We'll just have to see what happens.

As for keeping score, I'm letting handle those duties. Each week, players get paired in the fantasy league to face off. Whoever ends that week with the most points in each match-up gets the win. After the first week ends, I'll keep a panel on the left side of the blog tracking wins and losses. If you want to follow the action and watch as the points are being totaled during each week, just watch it all happen on the Wildcat's Lair Hockey Fantasy page.

That's it for now. I've got some hockey games to go watch. Go SHARKS!


Dawn said...

OMG... that is soooo cool!

be well...

Beth said...

I'll look forward to it! I'm also delighted to see that Uncle Kerouac's first name is Sal. I don't believe we knew that before!

This should tide us over nicely until Bracket Battle 2010.

Big Mark 243 said...

Richmond ... hmmm ... I will have reasons to come thru Richmond soon, would LOVE to get a picture with you!!

Isn't there a hockey team for Hampton Roads?? I never knew where Hampton Roads were, other than in Hampton (get it?? roads in Hampton?? aw, never mind

For some reason, I never understood fantasy sports, so I will just keep on my 'silent Cal' stuff and read the funnies.

As to what team I root in hockey ... despite my Wendell Clark captain's jersey, being born and raised in Hockeytown and having cheered for the likes of Dale McCourt and Nick Polonich, who else would I root for other than the Red Wings ..?

Tawnya said...

I so love hockey and I think that this will make a great addition to your stories! Mark is right, GO Wings!!

Bill, the Wildcat said...

@Beth... I snuck it in there, but Merlin outed Uncle K's first name back in the "Who Flamed Waffles?" storyline. Was quite a daunting task figuring out what it would be. Glad you like it!

@Mark & Tawnya... for me it's the San Jose Sharks, Florida Panthers, St. Louis Blues and the Buffalo Sabres. The whole fantasy sports thing is quite a mystery to me, too, but for the first time, I have an NFL fantasy team in a league among my co-workers (sadly, I'm 1-2 so far) and now my Wildcat's Lair hockey league. If I didn't have ESPN doing the score-keeping, I'd never even try.