Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Wildcat's Lair Calendar 2011 is Here!

Today's been an exciting day in the Lair. The first batch of 2011 calendars arrived today. That means I can officially put them up for sale.

Let's face it. If you can't watch Frank and his friend's antics online all the time, then letting the Wildcat's Lair occupy some of your wallspace is a perfect solution. I used the same company to produce this year's calendars as I did last year, so the quality of the final product is still excellent.

For the pictures in the 2011 calendar, I've drawn on this year's "Lost in London" saga. I've included some from a few classic episodes, such as the "Killer Bunnies" storyline and the time Frank dressed in a tutu to dance with my daughter. The 2011 edition also contains some original images I created just for the calendar, including one with my son in it which was inspired by "Star Wars." You can see a few sample images below.

The calendars only cost $14.99, and shipping is free within the continental U.S.

In an attempt at shameless self-promotion, I'm including various examples of ads for the calendar. Please feel free to plaster them on your blogs and/or webpages. I've included the codes for each ad, which link back to this blog entry.


Beth said...

Got it the other glad you included the picture of Frank in the tutu. It's one of my favorites!

Calendar 2011 said...

How much does calendar 2011 cost?