Friday, October 15, 2010

The Big Bye-Bye

Coming up on Wildcat Wednesday: "Catnip it in the Bud"


Just Bill said...

Bill for the last two days when I load your blog with the Google Reader I get red x in a box.
I then try going diectly to your blog and get the same.
Has any one else had this problem. I sdo not eever remember it happening before on your blog.
I sure you are usung the system to load your pictures and suspect it might be my computer. Any suggestions?
I read all of your posts and enjoy and get kicck out of them Good work, bill

Ken Riches said...

Wow, Uncle K can be down right scary.

Bill, the Wildcat said...

Tell me about it, Ken! I was sitting next to him! haha (I have to confess, that might be my favorite frame from any single episode to date)

Bill, I'm honestly not sure what's going on there with the errors you're running into. Is it still doing it, and is that the first time you've run into the errors? I might have to search online for an explanation.