Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Frank's Fantasy Football: Week Nine

Well the fates have finally caught up with Frank's team. Yes, that's right. Frank's undefeated Richmond Bad Cats have finally suffered their first loss of the season in our fantasy football league. Ted's Buildabearville Bears claimed the bragging rights, winning 83 to 76.

I enjoyed another victory, but I still have a losing record of 4-5, which is better than poor Hip, whose Claritin Flames are sitting at 3-6, despite a win against Uncle Kerouac's On the Road Warriors.

Odds favor Frank's team will avoid two losses in a row since he faces his uncle's team next week. We'll see if Hip can keep my Virginia Wildcats from breaking even at 5-5 while Ted E. Bear and the snarky Troy Goode battle it out for second place.

To see how our teams rank, just check the sidebar. That also includes a link to our fantasy football league's page on ESPN.com.

1 comment:

Ken Riches said...

Narrow loss for Frank, who is still wupping yours :o)