Friday, March 18, 2011

Bracket Battle 2011 Has Begun!

So the Bracket Battle is officially started with the first day's games in the record books. As a South Carolina grad, I was happy to see Clemson eliminated in the first round. Frank and I were especially happy to see Kentucky squeak past the first round against Princeton. My wife and I were also excited to see our home team, the Richmond Spiders, make it past Vanderbilt and hope the VCU Rams will enjoy the same success tomorrow night. Having two Richmond teams in the tournament is a real hoot!

Unfortunately for my wife, the first day's games didn't treat her brackets too kindly. Her brackets for Team Dragon have already lost two of their final eight teams. Uncle Kerouac's strategy hasn't paid off for Team Catnip yet. The brief, first-day lead he enjoyed last year didn't repeat. He's in dead last. Team Wildcat is in first place, enjoying a narrow lead over Team Bear. You can check out what our brackets look like by clicking on the team pictures below.

The scoring for the tournament is fairly simple:

1st Round Match-ups = 1 point per game
2nd Round Match-ups = 2 points per game
Sweet 16 Match-ups = 4 points per game
Elite 8 Match-ups = 8 points per game
Final 4 Match-ups = 16 points per game
NCAA Championship = 32 points per game

I'll be posting the current score in the sidebar and will attempt to update it daily (sometimes twice a day). For now, it's time to sit back and just enjoy the chaos.

Oh, and a small programming note. There's a good chance you won't see Friday's episode on Friday. As you might have noticed in Wednesday's episode (possibly my longest episode ever), Frank, Dragon Queen and I are on the road. For that reason, Friday's episode might have to wait until Saturday and possibly even as late as Sunday. Internet access has been hard to come by, and I got the feeling my presence at a Krispy Kreme at 11pm didn't exactly endear me to the elderly ladies there peddling doughnuts and coffee (and a very minimal serving of Southern Hospitality).

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