Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You Write the Caption!

"The Wildcat's Lair" is unveiling a new feature this week. It's called "You Write the Caption." I figure with all the goofy pictures I've created over the many years I've been doing this comic strip, why not let some of the readers fill in the blanks for a change? Why should I have to do all the work--I mean, have all the fun?

So starting today, I'll post a picture every Tuesday. Every week, I'll pick my favorite caption and announce it to everyone at the end of Monday's "Ask Uncle Kerouac" vlog entry.

With that in mind, here is your first picture to caption. Now, get to work!


KathArine said...

If you didn't want me to tell you how it ends, you shouldn't have left it lying around.

Beth said...

You know, I've gotta give Ron Popeil credit. That Hair-in-a-Can stuff works pretty well.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

The last supper, obviously a cat had a paw in the preparation.

Sheri Blume said...

Dude, if you wanted me to scratch your back, you shouldn't have had me declawed.