Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bracket Battle 2012: And the Winner is...

So, 2012's Bracket Battle has ended, and the bragging rights are going to Frank (God help us all). It would seem this year's wallpaper graphic with Frank's name painted on there was prophetic.

Kentucky's big win in the NCAA Tournament paid off for the cats in the Lair, including myself. I finished in second place, followed by Uncle Kerouac, who's bizarre bracket strategy had left him lingering in the bottom three for most of the tourney.

Rounding out the top half of the Bracket Battle was Special Agent Windsor and Sam the Bear. Windsor spent the first day of the tournament in first place, but never made it back into the top spot after that. He sneaked past Sam since he had at least picked Kentucky to make it into the championship game. If he'd picked Kentucky to win it all, Windsor would have actually finished out the Bracket Battle in second place.

Sam the Bear had enjoyed first place for most of the tournament. It wasn't until North Carolina was eliminated in its Elite Eight match-up against Kansas that he fell from atop the Bracket Battle. Not bad for a bear who made his picks while drunk on wine and in the throws of a cupcake-induced sugar high.

That's a wrap for this year's Bracket Battle (although, we'll see this Thursday how Frank celebrates his victory). Already looking forward to next year's Bracket Battle, assuming the Mayan prophecy doesn't get us all killed before then.

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

The rest of the humans seem to have been left in the dust, must be very crickety there :o)