Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"The Big Sneeze" is Available!

So, there is a noticeable absence of comic strip fun in my webcomic of late. I'm afraid sickness has taken its toll on me. Right now, I'm feeling rather drained from a nasal infection and the medicine I'm taking to combat it. The nasal infection chose an ironic time to strike as my short story "The Big Sneeze" went on sell this week as an ebook. The story features some of my favorite dragons from the Wildcat's Lair. The main characters are Special Agents Windsor and Kensington who make for a fun romp through London as they hunt down the infamous Dug who has illegally horded all of the allergy medicine in the United Kingdom.

With my short story coming out, I really needed to focus what little energy I had there, so I'm gonna have to sacrifice working on the webcomic this week. I swear to finish my epic steampunk adventure with Frank and Hip, though. I suspect that once I finish that, I'll need to take a summer break from new episodes. Big things are brewing in my writing life, so I've got to strike while I can. I hope to have more to say about all that in the new future.


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Ken Riches said...

Glad it is starting to pay off for you.

Beth said...

Happy for you, and do what you need to do!