Thursday, March 15, 2007

Another Year, Another Bracket Battle

Beware the Ides of March… especially when that’s the starting date of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Just like last year, Frank and I are holding a bracket battle to see who can better predict the winners of the tournament. Of course, this year, we’ve got a few others joining into the battle. Frank’s Uncle Kerouac and my wife’s new pet dragon Hip have turned in their own brackets. Who will win? You’ll just have to follow along and find out.

Frank and I are especially excited because this year’s NCAA Tournament includes five colleges with “Wildcats” as their mascots: Kentucky, Villanova, Arizona, Davidson and Weber State. Sadly, none of us picked any of these teams to win it all. In Weber State’s case, those poor guys might as well change their mascots from the “Wildcats” to the “Sacrificial Lambs.” They face number two team in the Western bracket, UCLA. We’re guaranteed to at least see one Wildcats team make into the next round, though. Villanova and Kentucky face each other in the first round.

You can click on the pictures of our brackets below to see our predictions. We’ll keep you updated as the playoffs move along.

Frank                                                        Hip

Uncle Kerouac                                           Wildcat

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