Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bracket Battle Update

The so-called Sweet Sixteen faced off the past two nights, and the results haven’t changed much in The Wildcat’s Lair’s bracket battle. I’ve held onto the top spot in the bracket battle, and I’m the only one whose Final Four picks are still in play. The most significant change is that Frank is no longer in last place. In fact, Frank’s brackets are the only ones that didn’t change at all after the past two nights. To be fair, he doesn’t have that many games left on his bracket, though.

All that said, don’t count out Frank yet. Let me explain. If I were to get all of my remaining picks wrong (and that’s not all that improbable given the close matchups left), then my score would take a dive to 325. What Frank needs is for North Carolina to win it all and Memphis to make it to the Final Four, and he can hold onto his score of 435. North Carolina has been playing pretty darn strong, too.

Alas, it’s already over for Uncle Kerouac whose score dropped to 425. That catnip-smoking cat picked Ohio State to win it all, but so did Hip. If Ohio State wins it all, then Hip is still guaranteed to have a better score than “Uncle K.” The best he can hope for now is second place.

The most important thing to remember is this: everyone still has their championship pick in play. The three teams to watch are Florida, Ohio State and North Carolina. Today is perhaps the most important day for Hip. The two teams he’s picked for the championship game, Kansas and Ohio State, play today. If Kansas and especially Ohio State lose today, then it’s all over for Hip.

Tomorrow will be the big day for me and Frank when North Carolina faces Georgetown. If North Carolina loses, then Frank will be out of the Bracket Battle. I’ve got Georgetown making it to the championship game, so if they lose, I’m in big trouble.

Frank                                                        Hip

Uncle Kerouac                                           Wildcat

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