Monday, September 28, 2009

Richmond Vice Still Going Strong

When I started the "Richmond Vice" storyline back in June, I thought this would be a fun way to eat up a few weeks. Well, with summer already gone and the end of September nearly here, I think I might finally be near the end of this wild adventure, perhaps the middle of October. To celebrate this ongoing drama, I'm unveiling a second set of wallpaper inspired by this storyline (the first set was posted back in July).

800 X 600                       1028 X 768                              1280 X 800

Some of you might recognize this picture of me, Frank and Hip from the episode posted this past month in my failed attempt to channel Edward James Olmos' "Castillo." That was easily one of the most miserably hot days this past summer, not good suit-and-tie weather.

So, what's ahead for Frank and the gang once we get "Richmond Vice" finished? Well, there's a belated trip to the beach which is sure to include lots of fun... and not all of it happening at the beach. You'll have to wait to see that, though. The only question is if you'll be watching our beach adventure begin in the dead of winter. For now, that's up to the Dug and his gang of hired wings.

Hope you enjoy it!


Beth said...

I always enjoy it! (I still think you were more Reservoir Dogs than Castillo in this shot...but that might have been a little on the bloody side for The Wildcat's Lair!)

Dawn said...

Teh awesome!!! LOL

be well...

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Will be here anticipating each episode.