Friday, March 19, 2010

Explaining the Bracket Battle Scoreboard

All right, so here's a quick explanation of the scoring system for Bracket Battle 2010.

1st Round Match-ups = 1 point per game
2nd Round Match-ups = 2 points per game
Sweet 16 Match-ups = 4 points per game
Elite 8 Match-ups = 8 points per game
Final 4 Match-ups = 16 points per game
NCAA Championship = 32 points per game

So what do all those numbers mean? Well, going by that scoring system, if a person picked every game correctly, they'd have a total score of 192 points.

What this means is that when a team loses, it cuts into the player's potential total score. For example, I picked Georgetown to make it into the Elite 8, so when those bastards lost in the First Round, I lost 1 point for that game, 2 points for picking them to win in the Second Round and 4 points for picking them to win in the Third Round. In other words, Georgetown losing in the First Round cost me a grand total of 7 points.

The above is why you will see our scores shrinking over the course of the next few weeks. At the time of this post, Uncle Kerouac and I both picked the most games correctly in the first day of games (11 games, to be exact), but because more of my picks went deeper into the tournament, I'm not only behind Uncle Kerouac, but Frank and Inspector Merlin, as well. If that doesn't make sense, don't worry. Just enjoy the comedy that ensues.

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