Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Frank's Fantasy Football: Week Fourteen

The first week of the fantasy football playoffs are in the books, and so far, Hip is looking ready to stage an upset on Frank. The scores for the first week are posted below. Keep in mind, these matchups aren't finished, though. Unlike the regular season matchups which are based on one week of play, the playoffs are the combined scores from two weeks. That means Frank could still stage an upset next week, if the fantasy football gods smile on him (that and if he decides his lazy, cat-like strategy of not touching his team is flawed).

Ted, on the other hand, appears poised to take down Troy (who we all now know is really the evil, incarcerated pooch Cerberus). You can catch the final scores next Monday. And if you want to track the matchups live, you can go to our fantasy football website on espn.com.

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