Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Vote on your Favorite Episodes from 2010!

It's time to cast your votes for your favorite "Wildcat's Lair" episodes from 2010. So let's get to the rules, shall we.

First off, I'm asking folks to pick their five favorite episodes. Why five? Because there are five Mondays in January, and I'll countdown the favorite five all that month on each Monday.

Where do you vote? You can vote in a couple of ways this year. The preferred method will be to post an entry in your blog (if you have one) with links to all five episodes and post a link to said entry as a comment responding to this journal entry.

The other method involves Facebook. You can post a note listing links to your favorite five on your Facebook page. Provide a link to your Facebook profile as a comment responding to this journal entry.

If Twitter is your thing, then you can post links to those five episodes using the hashtag "#WildcatsLair2010Favs." Then, just provide a link to your Twitter profile as a comment responding to this journal entry.

Hopefully, that all makes sense. This is shamelessly about building up a little promotion for the Lair. Votes will be accepted from now until Saturday night, January 1, 2011, at midnight. You have about 80 new episodes to choose from, so I hope folks will enjoy looking back at this year's episodes. Happy reading, and happy voting!

Don't forget that starting tomorrow, the characters from the Lair will be showing you their favorite episodes from 2009, starting with Frank's favorite episode.

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