Monday, January 19, 2009

THE BEST OF 2008: Second Place

"Dragons on Drugs"
Originally posted: 29 October 2008

This particular episode was also one of my favorites from last year. The idea for the episode was partially born from the similar poses of these two dragons after my wife purchased the green dragon who has become best known to the Lair's readers as "Waffles." The second reason I had the idea for this episode is because of the original name my wife gave her then-new, green dragon. She originally named him "LSD," because he just looks so drugged out. I like to joke that LSD is still his real name and that "Waffles" is merely his "stage name."

Speaking of names, it's interesting to note that the gold dragon, Shasta, remained unnamed for several weeks even after completing this episode. It wasn't until I used Shasta in the December 12th episode, "Draconic Support, Episode III," that I cornered my wife into giving her gold dragon a name. What's especially interesting about Shasta is that I think she's the only "girl" dragon my wife has.


Beth said...

LSD is a pretty good name for the green dragon...he does look more than a little wigged out!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I would say Waffles is a more powerful drug than LSD based on your little greenie :o)