Monday, January 12, 2009

THE BEST OF 2008: Third Place

"Creatures 'n Crooks, Episode IV"
Originally posted: 31 December 2008

Now, I did promise some behind-the-scenes tidbits for these "Best of 2008" winners. I expected these nuggets of info to focus on the graphic artwork and how I did several of the pictures involved, but this one wasn't all that complicated. I mean... really. The majority of the dialogue in this episode is only one word: WAFFLES!

All that said, I do have a humorous follow-up to this episode. The dragons calendar I used in this episode was wrapped up in plastic, so I really did have to buy it (as is seen two episodes later in Creatures 'n Crooks, Episode VI. I then gave this calendar to my wife as something of a Christmas gift, something that would fit in her locker at work. I simply warned her, "You might not be so happy with me once see what I did with it." So far, she hasn't sought revenge. Whew!

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Beth said...

Hahaha! Now every time she looks at that calendar, she'll think of Waffles and his 'activity.' :)