Friday, January 02, 2009

The Best of 2008

This past May, I made a commitment to post two episodes every week. I'm happy to say, I made good on that promise for the rest of 2008, posting almost seventy episodes. Now, I put it to you, the readers of the Lair, to decide on the best three episodes from last year.

Just list your three favorite episodes and send them in an e-mail to me at Don't worry about ranking them. Each pick will count as a single vote. The voting starts now and will end at midnight (eastern time), the night of Saturday, January 10th.

The top three episodes will be posted each Monday, starting with the third place winner on January 12th. I'll post second place on January 19th, and the best episode of '08 will go up on January 26th. Each post will include some interesting, behind-the-scenes nuggets to go along with each of the winning episodes.

If you'd like to encourage your own blog's readers to cast their vote, feel free to plug in the above picture of me and Frank on your blog. Thanks to all of you for following the Lair in 2008. Here's hoping the Lair will grow even more in 2009.


Karen said...

Gadzooks! Now that's a herculean task you put upon us, dear friend. I read all posts and laughed at each one of them. The whole bit with the dragons and Uncle K and the dysfunctional meetings had me rolling, so whatever episode that one was...I vote for that! WAFFLES!!

Beth said...

Email on its way--a tough job to pick three favorites, because they're all hilarious!