Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Bracket Battle Begins!

Well, March Madness officially begins tomorrow (sorry, I don't count yesterday's game in which Morehead State won the right to be sacrificed to number one Louisville). Anyway, it's time for the players in the Wildcat's Lair's Bracket Battle 2009 to show their brackets.

Below, you see headshots of all six competitors, including me. To see a player's bracket (i.e. to find out what was going through their head), just click on his/her head. This year, Frank and I are joined by Uncle Kerouac, my dog Page, the baddest bad boy of stuffed animals Ted E. Bear and the combined forces of my wife (a.k.a. the Dragon Queen) and her collection of dragons.

Another change for this year... I've handed over the scoring duties to the NCAA website. I've created a group on the website and entered all of our brackets. Below, you'll see the website's scoring system. You'll notice it heavily rewards those picking teams that make it into the Final Four. Another interesting twist is that this scoring system rewards successful picks for underdogs.

We've all taken a rather different approach to building our brackets, as the past few episodes have shown. See what you think... and pick your own winner. Whose brackets do you think will win it all this year?


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

What is Uncle Kerouzc smoking???

Should be interesting, and I think at least two of the top seeds will make the final four, but not all four like last year :o)

Beth said...

Hmm, based on what I've been reading and hearing, I think I'm going with Frank's bracket picks. I believe the Pres picked the same Final Four, but had NC winning the whole thing. Frank has Louisville winning it all...I'm going to go with Pitt.

One of the best things about the tourney is the Cinderella teams that crop up and throw everything into disarray. I can hardly wait to see who throws the monkey wrench!