Friday, March 20, 2009

Bracket Battle Update

First things first... I'll be posting Friday's episode close to noon. I just had to stay up to watch the end of the VCU and UCLA match-up.

Talk about a heartbreaker! I had to pull for underdog VCU (That's "Virginia Commonwealth University" for those who don't know). Hey, they're from here in Richmond! Was well worth staying up to watch it. They staged an amazing comeback. They made it all the way to within one point of taking down UCLA, but they just couldn't get that last shot through the hoop before the buzzer. Gah! That hurt... especially since I'd picked VCU to beat UCLA. Quite a few of us in Bracket Battle 2009 picked VCU.

Speaking of the bracket battle, you might have noticed a small addition to the left panel of my blog... a scoreboard to track who's winning and who's losing (and just how badly, too). As you can see, Uncle Kerouac isn't doing well this year. In his defense, he can't bring himself to not pick a team if it has a cat for a mascot. That and he turned to my kids for advice. Poor cat.

Frank's hanging in there, though. So far, I think he's redeemed himself from his poor showing two years ago. Unfortunately, Page has a one-point lead on Frank, which has the makings of a nasty grudge match. I think that could make things quite ugly for those of us living in the Wildcat's Lair... but hopefully, entertaining for all of you.

All right, folks. It's bedtime for the Wildcat. I'll see you again a little before noon.


Beth said...

I like the scorecard. Easy to keep track of everyone. Poor Uncle Kerouac...maybe his brain is a little fried from all that 'nip.

We were a disappointed pair at Nutwood to see Illinois (Ken's an alum) knocked out so soon. A rough year for Midwest basketball.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Love the side page summary. Again, what is UK smoking ???