Friday, June 25, 2010

Hip's Top 5 Flamings of Frank, #1

"What Has Hip Been Doing Since November?"
Originally posted: 9 March 2010

Even I will admit that this is a debateable pick for the top flaming of Frank by Hip, but every time I read this one, I just laugh myself silly. When I relaunched the Lair in March of this year, I produced an entire week of episodes to show fans what some of their favorite characters had been up to since the Lair went on hiatas. This episode was one of the main inspirations for that idea.

So what is it about this one that makes me laugh so much? Part of the episode was inspired by my 37th birthday. I don't do much heavy drinking, and I'd never really been flatout drunk... until that night in January of this year. I honestly don't remember a lot after a certain point, but I clearly recall my declaration that I wanted to do thirteen shots in honor of the short-lived TV series "Rome," arguably one of the greatest TV drama series ever. I can only hope my fellow diehard fans of that show won't take offense to Hip's mispronunciation of Lucius Vorenus' name. Oh, and for those wondering, I didn't make it to thirteen shots... thank God. I suffered enough for however many I did.

The one thing I hated about this episode was going back to the Scales and Tails club. I created the club (which my wife named) as part of last year's "Richmond Vice" storyline. I spent ten straight episodes in that place, and I can't tell you what a nightmare it was. The entire setting was created within my computer, so any change in angle required rebuilding the entire bloody place from scratch (I really came to hate that light-up, dance floor. It's also worth noting that the episode that introduced the Scales and Tails club is also the only time in which Frank has flamed Hip.

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Went back and relived Frank's first flamming, and loved it again. This one is good with Hip, and knowing it was in honor of your youngster birthday gives it even more meaning :o)

Beth said...

I'm not a sadist, truly I'm not. But I can't help but laugh at Frank getting flamed. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I love Frank and hope that such flamings are only superficial!