Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hip's Top 5 Flamings of Frank, #2

"Frank Meets Hip, Episode II"
Originally posted: 16 February 2007

Ah, the original flaming... Brings a tear to my eyes and immediately evaporates it. Hip was the first of my wife's dragons to get into the act. The entire idea to add him to the Lair's cast came from the fact he really does look so much like a Hippo (heck, it's how he got his name!). I took one look at him after my wife bought him and thought, "I've got to do an episode with this guy."

Little did I know at the time what fast friends Hip and Frank would become. Nor did I realize how many of my wife's dragons would invade future episodes of the lair. Even for a comic strip, these stories and characters have a way of taking over and writing themselves.

I paid homage to the last frame of this episode more than a year later in August of 2008 when I introduced another of my wife's dragons, Bubbles. Poor Hip got a taste of his own medicine in that episode, too.

Coming Up Tomorrow: "Hip's Top 5 Flamings of Frank, #1" (Bet you thought today's episode was gonna be my pick for #1, didn't you?)

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Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Ahhhh, the first flaming :o) The flamings have come a long way...