Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hip's Top 5 Flamings of Frank, #3

"Foreign Aid"
Originally posted: 28 January 2009

"Foreign Aid" was part of an ongoing storyline inspired by the new laptop my wife got me for Christmas. As for why this made the top five flamings of Frank by Hip, I think the sheer volume of flamings in this episode was hilarious. In a later episode, Hip is confronted about this incident by Inspector Merlin as part of the infamous "Who Flamed Waffles?" storyline. I love that Hip defends his actions as a "mercy flaming."

Unfortunately for me, I don't think my wife (a.k.a., Dragon Queen) was amused by the storyline's suggestion that my new laptop was defective, even if the ultimate blame for the computer virus ended up being revealed as the result of all the kitty porn Frank hid in his music folder. With that in mind, I'd like to add that I'm still using that laptop, which has proven one of my most useful Christmas gifts of all time. Thanks, darlin'!

Coming Up Tomorrow: "Hip's Top 5 Flamings of Frank, #2"

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