Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Frank's Fantasy Football: Week Two

For those who haven't seen yesterday's episode, rest assured that one wasn't far from reality. When I checked the scores for the Wildcat's Lair Fantasy Football League after Sunday Night Football, I never expected to see my team losing by ten points to the infamously inebriated cat Uncle Kerouac. My only hope came from having the last player left to play in our matchup, San Francisco Tight End Vernon Davis. I paid a lot more attention to the scoreboard throughout last night's Monday Night Football. Vernon Davis nearly delivered for me. Unfortunately, he came up one point short (a tie would have gone my way since the total score of the bench players is the deciding factor in a tie). As such, your friendly neighborhood Wildcat is sitting in last freaking place within our league.

Thanks to Hip pulling a major upset (Ted was predicted to beat him by 23 points), Frank has the only undefeated team going into Week Three. He'll be facing his best bud Hip.

I've got my work cut out for me in Week Three. My Virginia Wildcats will take on Ted's Buildabearville Bears. Uncle Kerouac takes on Troy Goode's Tri-Cities Terrors. We'll see if Uncle K's rookie runningback Jahvid Best can pull in another 40 points for him this weekend. The Detroit Lion tore up the field for more than 200 yards and got three touchdowns against the Philadelphia Eagles. Hard to believe his Lions actually lost that game.

In my defense as a fantasy football fanatic, I'd like to mention that I'm undefeated in three other leagues (leagues with real people in them, at least I assume they're real. Hmmm...). As disturbing as it is for me to lose two weeks in a row to a pair of cats (one constantly high on catnip), I take a small bit of comfort in knowing it would probably depress those defeated by me to realize they've lost to someone who has a team that lost to Uncle Kerouac.

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Ken Riches said...

Looking pretty lonely at the bottom :o)