Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't Forget to Say "Please!"

All kidding aside, thanks for all the comments regarding "The Third Bear's Revenge. That was a fun episode to write, and thanks to Cherie Reich for hosting the Flash Fiction contest.

By the way, this is actually a reposting of this episode. Due to recent issues with Blogger, I'm afraid the original posting vanished. My apologies to those whose comments got eaten by Blogger in the process

Don't forget you only have a little time left to show off how funny you can be in this week's "You Write the Caption" contest, so get to it! I'll announce the winning caption in Monday's "Ask Uncle Kerouac."

And don't miss our next episode on "Frank Friday!"


Cherie Reich said...

Hehe! That's great! Good luck. Voting ends tomorrow morning. Then I'll announce the winners.

Dannelle said...

I voted! Don't come after me. trying to keep Ted happy.

Beth said...

I voted!