Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The New Wildcat's Lair

Even though I’ve posted a few entries to this “Blogger” version of “The Wildcat’s Lair,” I haven’t really done an introduction or an explanation for why I’ve started a parallel blog to the one I’ve been doing on AIM Blogs for many months.

I am the Wildcat, a nickname given me by a co-worker many years ago. As for why, the best explanation I’ve ever gotten out of the young lady is, “You just seem like a wildcat to me.” Since I started blogging, “Wildcat” has turned into my online identity.

I started “The Wildcat’s Lair” in July 2005 as a reading journal of sorts, but it quickly took on a life of its own. The blog expanded to include what I call “sub-blog” series and a mascot named by the readers of the original Lair.

My first sub-blog series was “High Notes.” These entries offer reviews of movie scores. Not those cd’s with the rock ‘n roll songs… I’m talking about the orchestral music. Originally, I just planned to highlight some of the older scores within my music collection that have stood the test of time, but since then I’ve also done a few reviews for more recent releases.

“Dust Jackets” turned into a necessity to keep my blog active. I write reviews of the books I’ve just read, but sometimes a book can take weeks to read. To keep my blog active inbetween books, I write entries about books I’ve read in the past. Why distinguish between a recent read and an old one? Well, as I’ve grown as a writer, my tastes in good writing have changed (I like to think matured). That said, something I loved back in say 1996 might now make me cringe, because it wasn’t really that well-written of a book. The “Dust Jackets” banner kind of covers my happy, little wildcat arse.

Then there’s the most recent series and the least frequent of the three: “Wordslingers.” These are interviews I do online with authors. I’ve not done many of these but the authors have included thriller writer Kyle Mills and young adult writer Ben Jeapes. I hope to see this part of my blog grow more active with at least one Wordslingers entry per month. We’ll have to see how that turns out.

Then of course, there is Frank “Skywhips” Orion. Every so often I let Frank out to play. These entries don’t really have a banner. They’re more like an online comic strip. I might could milk Frank into an entire blog, but I doubt I’d have time to do anything else, so I keep the little, furry critter in check most of the time. He and I have had some interesting adventures, including his “Café Mocha Adventure,” a Christmas visit from his family and our “Bracket Battle” for the NCAA Tournament this past march (which included several entries that month).

I hope you’ll enjoy visiting the Lair here on Blogger. For now, I plan to maintain the blog on AIM Blogs, as well. Every so often, they might differ, but they will typically act as parallel blogs.


H.E.Eigler said...

YAY - Now I can comment!.....you have no idea the evils you may have unleashed muoohahaha.

Good to see you on the blogger side Bill.

JessN said...

I like this site! Glad you made the jump! I will be sure to put a link to this on both my blogs.

Patrick said...

Welcome to Blogger, Bill! I like the new layout!