Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wildcat and the "Blue Bookstore"

Well, it’s taken me more than a month to finally make good on my bet to Frank. If you’ll recall, I lost our bracket battle for the NCAA Tournament. That meant I had to read three cat-related books and take him to the bookstore for a café mocha... something I'd basically sworn to never do again after the last time I took him to a bookstore.

Frank didn’t quite get his café mocha, though. My son decided to tag along and insisted we go to the “blue bookstore.” Fortunately for me, Frank was willing to allow the concession as long as he got something with caffeine in it.

I could quickly see these two were going to get into a lot of trouble, because it was taking a long time to find what I was looking for. They were a little tired, so I let them take a nap while I kept looking.

Unfortunately, they didn’t sleep as long as I thought they would and well… you can probably guess the rest.

My search for a book was finally successful, and having found my son and Frank, we made our way to the café for something to drink.

Despite what Frank thinks about the book, my next read is Cat Seeing Double by Shirley Rousseau Murphy. The book was recommended by a friend of mine in the Ten Page Club, the writing group my wife and are part of. And yes, the cats in the book do talk to the people. Weird... but it supposedly works. We’ll see.


DesLily said...

LOL love it Bill!!.. isn't it fun figuring out a script and then taking all the right photo's to put it all together?! lol.. gotta love it!

H.E.Eigler said...

I second deslily! Fun stuff Bill.

Bill, the Wildcat said...

Thank you, both. Pat, you give me too much credit. I really don't go in with much of a plan when I do these bookstore adventures. It's whatever I find. I've just been darn lucky so far!

The hardest part was asking that girl in the cafe to let me take the picture. "Just imagine there's this cat on the counter. Seriously. I'm not some pervert. I promise!"

JessN said...

LOL! Too much! I commented on the other blog, but I had to post here too.

By the way, your son looks like your wife. He's soooo cute! He reminds me of Stuart when he was that age. Sadly, that wasn't that long ago. They grow up too fast.